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Join Date: 09/09/2013
Address / business name: JC-J.IN,
London UK
Telephone number: +44 20 3290 7712 / Skype:
Business website address URL:
Description of business products and services: Internet systems for consulting and learning. Servers, open source software and much much more. An exploration of the space formed out of the enduring themes of education and the online world.


    • John

      This site is a new, updated focusing on Wellbeing. It is using the latest social networking software and other important web upgrades.

      Start using this site if you are suffering from the current health and economic crisis! People need to network together and help each other. By telling your story, you can help yourself and help others too.

      Especially use this site if you are someone awakened or, are starting on your journey to awakening. All religions, beliefs and non-beliefs are welcome here. We can learn from each other about life, the universe, wellbeing and inner peace.

      This social space is for discussing these fundamental aspects of wellbeing and human consciousness.